Register for the 2017 PERF/MCCA/NEIA Joint Meeting 

PERF's Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, May 30 - Friday, June 2 in Las Vegas. The event will again be held in conjunction with the conferences of the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the FBI National Executive Institute Associates. All registrants will be welcome to attend all meetings, sessions and events sponsored by PERF, MCCA, and NEIA during the Annual Meeting. Click on the headline above for more information or to register.


New PERF/COPS Office report: "Hiring for the 21st Century Law Enforcement Officer: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies for Success"

This report details the findings of a forum hosted by PERF and the COPS Office on hiring and retaining officers who reflect the diversity and character of the communities they serve and have the character and social skills to engage with community members. The forum included experts in police standards, screening, and hiring who provided their insights and recommendations in areas such as psychological screening, educational requirements, promotion policies, and methods for retaining the best officers. Click on the headline above to view the full publication.


"Subject to Debate" newsletter highlights PERF's activities in 2016

The year-end edition of PERF's "Subject to Debate" newsletter provides brief summaries of many of the projects that PERF conducted last year, including our landmark work on the "PERF 30" guiding principles on use of force, and our "ICAT" training for defusing critical incidents.


New PERF/COPS Office report: "Policing Issues in Garrison Communities"

This report summarizes an October 2015 PERF/COPS Office conference on the challenges of policing communities located near military installations. Participants shared promising practices and discussed ways to improve coordination between civilian and military agencies. Click on the headline above to view the full publication.


New PERF/COPS/ONDCP report: "Building Successful Partnerships between Law Enforcement and Public Health Agencies to Address Opioid Use"



U.S. Conference of Mayors commends PERF's Guiding Principles on Use of Force



New content on the Law Enforcement Cyber Center


The Law Enforcement Cyber Center (LECC) continues to be updated with new information to help law enforcement prevent and respond to crimes that involve technology. Recently added content includes an infographic about devices in the home that generate and store data useful to law enforcement, tools police can use to teach their community members how to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime, and a database of local and regional cybercrime resources available to law enforcement. The Law Enforcement Cyber Center can be accessed at