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About PERF

Founded in 1976 as a nonprofit organization, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) is a police research and policy organization and a provider of management services, technical assistance, and executive-level education to support law enforcement agencies. PERF helps to improve the delivery of police services through the exercise of strong national leadership; public debate of police and criminal justice issues; and research and policy development.

Use of Force Reform

The reports below detail PERF's work on use-of-force policy and training. "Guiding Principles on Use of Force" explains PERF's 30 principles on use-of-force policy, training, and equipment. "ICAT: Integrating Communications, Assessment, and Tactics" shows agencies how to implement those principles through their training. "Re-Engineering Training on Police Use of Force" provides additional background information about training practices.

PERF Reports

PERF produces publications that summarize its research findings and development of policy guidance and best practices. Most PERF reports are available without charge in our Online Library. Recent publications include: