Registration and Tuition

What information must SMIP applicants provide?

The SMIP application is completed online. Applicants must submit contact information and agency details and provide a $550 credit card deposit for the seat. Applicants also need to upload proof that they have earned a bachelor’s degree or the 120-credit equivalent to meet the education requirement; a copy of a college transcript or photo of a diploma will suffice.

I just applied to the waitlist. What are my chances of attending SMIP?

The SMIP waitlist is first-come, first-served. While seats typically become available as some accepted applicants need to withdraw, PERF can’t predict how many waitlist applicants will receive a seat in any given year. PERF staff begin making notifications as soon as seats become available. PERF does not notify waitlist applicants who will not make it off the waitlist.

I was on last year’s waitlist. Am I automatically accepted for the following year’s program?

PERF does not maintain or roll over waitlists from year to year. People who applied to the waitlist and did not get into the program are not automatically assigned to the following year’s sessions. Instead, they must reapply when PERF opens SMIP registration for the following year.

What is the SMIP COVID vaccine policy?

PERF will not require a COVID-19 vaccine for the 2024 SMIP program, unless another large increase in COVID cases occurs. In accordance with the CDC, PERF recommends that everyone stay up to date with their COVID vaccination. PERF reserves the right to make a change to this policy for the health and safety of everyone participating in the program.

What does SMIP tuition cover?

SMIP tuition covers all instruction, materials, books, and lodging. Most meals are also included (see next question for details).

SMIP tuition does not cover transportation to and from Boston Logan International Airport or ground transportation like cabs or public transportation. It also does not cover personal purchases such as off-campus food, souvenirs, or toiletries.

Are meals covered by the tuition?

Most meals are covered by the tuition. Every year, PERF and Boston University (BU) make small adjustments to meal locations, menus, and options to give attendees the best experience possible.

Three meals per day are provided Monday through Friday at one of BU’s cafeterias. Two meals per day (brunch and dinner) are provided on weekends. The first provided meal is the orientation dinner, which occurs after orientation on the first day of the program. The last provided meal is the graduation luncheon on the last day of the program. Meals outside of that timeframe are not provided by PERF; for example, if someone arrives the morning of orientation, that day’s breakfast and lunch are not provided by PERF.

Attendees also receive a daily stipend during the program in the form of BU “Convenience Points” on their BU ID card. Attendees can use Convenience Points at several eating establishments and convenience stores on campus. Any meal an attendee eats off-campus during the program is not covered by SMIP tuition.

One dinner during the first week of the program is not covered by tuition and coincides with an SMIP event in downtown Boston. Since there are so many dinner options in the city, PERF cannot provide a food voucher for this meal.

What to Expect at SMIP

What airport should I fly to?

If you are flying to Boston, Boston Logan International Airport is the closest airport.

How do I get from the airport to Boston University? Is there a shuttle?

There is not a shuttle from the airport to BU. We recommend taking a cab. Prices can range from $30-$60, depending on when you arrive.

What are the dorms like? Will I have my own bedroom?

SMIP students reside in one of BU’s dorms. The dorm we use consists of small, 4BR/2BA apartments, each with a small kitchenette and living area. There is no TV.  Four students live in each suite. Each student has a private bedroom with a bed, desk, dresser, and small closet. Students share a bathroom with one other person. The dorm address is 10 Buick St. Boston, MA 02215.

What is provided in the dorm rooms?

All dorm rooms have a refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove, iron, and ironing board. Attendees will also be provided with bed and bath linens. There will be hand soap in the bathrooms.

Attendees will have to bring their own shampoo, bath soap, and hair dryers. They may also bring other kitchen appliances (like coffee machines, toasters, or air fryers) if they wish.

Do I have to stay in the dorm, or can I live off-campus?

All SMIP attendees must stay in the dorms during the week. Occasionally, someone chooses to stay at a hotel over the weekend; this is acceptable and does not need approval from PERF.

Is there a laundry facility on campus?

There is a large laundry room in the basement of the dorm. Attendees can pay to use the laundry machines using BU convenience points. Occasionally, the machines’ convenience points card reader becomes temporarily inoperable, so we strongly encourage attendees to bring quarters as backup.

What is the dress code during the program?

We want everyone to be comfortable, so wear clothes that you will feel comfortable wearing all day in a classroom setting. Some prefer button-down shirts and slacks; others prefer T-shirts and shorts. We ask that attendees use good taste and not wear anything designed to offend or annoy others. Attendees will need one set of business attire for their class photo.

What are the academic requirements while at SMIP?

SMIP attendees must attend all classes, participate in assigned study groups, and complete nightly readings to prepare for the following day’s class. Attendees are also encouraged to attend all planned social activities. There are no written reports, quizzes, or tests at SMIP. If an attendee needs to miss class for any reason, they must submit a written notice from the head of their agency to PERF.

What topics are taught at SMIP?

PERF updates SMIP class topics and faculty every year; however, classes usually cover topics such as organizational leadership, leadership communication, negotiation, diversity, and crisis leadership. SMIP instructors include faculty from academia, current and retired chief executives, and other law enforcement subject matter experts.

Can my spouse, children, or pets stay with me in the dorm?

No guest visitors are allowed in the residence halls overnight. This is a BU policy, not an SMIP policy. Pets are not allowed to enter the dorm.

Can I have visitors while at SMIP?

While visitors are permitted, they are not recommended during the program as their presence detracts from study group meetings, nightly readings, and social activities. We highly recommend that any visitors come only at the very end of the session. SMIP students graduate on a Thursday or Friday, which leaves time for a long weekend with their visitors to explore Boston before returning home.

Can visitors attend SMIP graduation?

Yes, guests are permitted to attend the SMIP graduation and luncheon. We ask that you limit your guests to a maximum of two people.

What is the attire for graduation?

Attendees generally wear their SMIP polo shirts and dress slacks at class graduation, but this is not required.

What hotels are recommended?

If you choose to have visitors at the end of the program, we have had good experiences at the Courtyard Marriott Cambridge-Boston and the Hyatt Regency Boston-Cambridge. Both hotels are located in Cambridge, close to the BU campus.

How do I get a parking pass or order an extra shirt?

If you did not purchase a parking pass or an extra shirt when you applied, please contact PERF Membership Coordinator Sydney Eischens at [email protected]. A parking pass is $250. Additional SMIP polo shirts are $50 each.

On what days do the SMIP evening events occur?

Attendees should plan to attend several planned social events during their time at SMIP; all  occur on weekday evenings. There will be several catered dinners as well as a ride on a Boston Duck Tour boat and a Red Sox game. The Duck Tour and North End night usually occurs in the first week of the program. The night of the Red Sox game depends on the team’s schedule but is usually in the second or third week of the program.

Can I ship packages to the dorm?

Yes. Please use the address below:

10 Buick St.
Boston, MA 02215

Please do not have packages delivered prior to your arrival at BU.

What is the gym fee?

The fee for the BU gym is $65 for three weeks. This fee is separate from any SMIP expenses, and you will have to pay the gym directly.

Important SMIP Dates

What are the dates for next year’s SMIP sessions?

In early September, PERF announces the SMIP session dates for the following year, as well as any tuition changes and other updates for the upcoming application period.

When can I apply to SMIP?

The SMIP application period opens on the first Monday of October. Applications are accepted until all sessions are full.

What is the application deadline for the SMIP scholarship?

The scholarship deadline for the 2024 program is November 17, 2023.

When will I get more information on SMIP after applying?

PERF sends applicants who have been accepted into the program an acceptance email, invoice for tuition, and informational packet on what to expect at SMIP. PERF sends additional information in the spring and hosts informational phone calls in April to go over more details about the program.

I asked for hard-copy books on my application. When will I receive them?

PERF mails books to applicants about four weeks before the start of their session. If you asked for digital copies, we will email those at that time as well.