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Command Performance: Career Guide for Police Executives (Second Edition, 2015) 

Cost: $30
ISBN: 978-1-934485-29-3
Pages: 227

Command Performance:  A Career Guide for Police Executives is PERF’s best-selling book.  The second edition was written by Charlotte Lansinger, PERF’s Executive Search consultant.  Ms. Lansinger has 28 years of experience helping local governments to conduct national searches for police chief candidates.  At the same time, Ms. Lansinger helps police executives to plan their careers and apply for positions as police chiefs.  Chapter titles include:  Becoming a Chief in a Competitive Market; Planning Your Career; Political Influences; Managing the Process; The Resume, Cover Letter, and References; The Interview Process; Projecting the Proper Image; The Follow-Up Interview and Effective Negotiations; Elements of Compensation; Employment Agreements and Contracts; and Advice from the Pros.  Command Performance also includes sample resumes and employment contracts. 


Leadership Matters: Police Chiefs Talk About Their Careers 

Code: 812
Cost: $25
ISBN: 978-1-934485-09-5
Pages: 152

This book is based on interviews with 25 experienced police chiefs regarding the lessons they have learned about performing the job of police chief. The book consists almost entirely of chiefs' quotations about the real-world pitfalls they have encountered, the sources of job satisfaction they have found, and the ways they deal with the stresses of the job. Topics include: preparing for the job of police chief how to decide whether a chief's position in a particular city is a good "fit" for you the challenges involved in applying for a chief's position making the transition to chief developing and empowering your command team working well with your mayor and other "bosses," the community, and your employees the elements of an effective news media strategy stepping up to racial issues the challenges faced by female police chiefs and measures of success.


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Full Descriptions

A Conflict of Rights: Public Safety and Abortion Clinic Conflict and Violence

Code: 837
Cost: $17
Authors: Dennis Kenney, Dina Rose, Cristine Maglieri, Tara O'Connor Shelley, Melissa Reuland, and Deborah Lamm Weisel, 1999
ISBN: 1-878734-62-8
Pages: 368

This is the first and only publication that discusses the consequences of abortion-related conflict from the perspective of law enforcement. Two thirds of all jurisdictions in the United States with at least one known abortion provider have experienced actual abortion-related incidents - ranging from protests and demonstrations to murder - in the five years preceding publication. But few police departments train their officers or establish guidelines for officers to use when responding to abortion-related conflicts or violence. This project was funded with the support of the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation.




Citizen Review Resource Manual 

Code: 802
Cost: $27.50
ISBN: 1-878734-37-7
Pages: 424

As more and more jurisdictions, large and small, establish review committees of community members in an effort to hold the police accountable for their actions, it is crucial that police leaders and policymakers be familiar with the policies and procedures in place across the country. In the Citizen Review Resource Manual, author Samuel Walker provides an overview of the state of citizen review, including a section of ordinances and statutes, executive and department orders, and other documents collected from more than 30 police departments nationwide.



Crime in Schools: Reducing Fear and Disorder with Student Problem Solving 

Code: 830
Cost: $24
ISBN: 1-878734-58-X
Pages: 236

More metal detectors, school security personnel and other target-hardening approaches alone fail to make our schools safer. Crime in the Schools provides a student-oriented response that builds on the success of police problem-solving efforts. The authors outline a tested curriculum that empowers students to make creative uses of school, student, faculty and police resources to combat the fear and disorder problems many experience during the school day. The School Safety Program applies the police problem-solving model, used successfully in community policing efforts nationwide, to school situations.



Mapping Across Boundaries: Regional Crime Analysis 

Code: 847
Cost: $20
ISBN: 1-878734-74-1
Pages: 130

Mapping Across Boundaries: Regional Crime Analysis addresses the obstacles and answers in developing regional crime mapping. The 130-page report is a primer for police agency personnel and students of mapping who want to enhance crime control and prevention efforts. The book discusses how cross-boundary mapping can better reveal hot spots of crime that occur along jurisdictional boundaries or identify serial crimes by offenders operating in neighboring jurisdictions. The book provides guidance through case studies on a range of regional mapping models from central archiving systems to ambitious multi-agency consortia with common database structures and GIS platforms. This practical guide outlines for each case model how the mapping effort began how it was implemented decisions regarding software, hardware, data sharing and privacy agreements and how the cross-agency mapping has been used in practice. It highlights issues to consider in cross-agency collaborations and provides sources for additional resources, information, sample Memoranda of Understanding and other guidance on emerging regional crime analysis efforts.



Nature of Community Policing Innovations: Do the Ends Justify the Means? 

Code: 810
Cost: $6.50
ISBN: 1-878734-46-6
Pages: 24

In The Nature of Community Policing Innovations, Authors Jihong Zhao and Quint Thurman use James Thompson's theory of organizational change as a theoretical framework to investigate the core mission of American policing. They first examine the prioritization of police functions and go on to address the relationship between these priorities and the means used to achieve them, particularly as they relate to community policing.



Police Management: Issues and Perspectives 

Code: 265
Cost: $17
ISBN: 1-878734-28-8
Pages: 380

This volume provides a comprehensive review of important issues facing police administrators in the 1990s. More than a dozen noted researchers and police administrators contributed to this unique anthology, including George Kelling, Elizabeth Watson, Larry Hoover, Victor Strecher, Dennis Kenney and Darrel Stephens. Police Management: Issues and Perspectives, used increasingly as a management text and required reading for promotional exams, systematically addresses the underlying, intractable problems that police agencies face.



Police Pursuits: What We Know 

Code: 845
Cost: $20
ISBN: 1-878734-66-0
Pages: 212

Police Pursuits: What We Know is based on extensive data from four diverse sites and a national survey, and examines the issue not only from the police perspective, but from the perspectives of the public and offenders as well. The book also summarizes and builds on some key prior research, examines liability and risk-management issues, and makes specific policy recommendations for police agencies. With this book in hand, police professionals and policymakers will have the information they need to create policies that truly serve the best interests of the public, and further the police mission to protect citizens' lives and safety.


Recognizing Value in Policing: The Challenge of Measuring Police Performance 

Code: 850
Cost: $22
ISBN: 1-878734-76-8
Pages: 160

As police resources are being stretched to their limits, there is renewed pressure to evaluate what our police agencies are doing well, and whether we are using the right measures to determine their effectiveness. Mark Moore and his colleagues, with support from the Sloan Foundation, provide researchers, policymakers, police professionals and citizens the insight and tools to better assess what they should value in law enforcement services, and how to better measure police performance. Recognizing Value in Policing explores seven valuable goals of policing and demonstrates how traditional measures have been inadequate to assess police effectiveness on so many dimensions. The publication provides very concrete advice to those thinking about strategic reforms for their police agency - reforms that will improve how the department's professionals do their jobs and better serve individuals and society. Working with numerous criminal justice practitioners and conducting research in several cities, Moore has created a framework that represents the latest thinking about measuring police performance. This publication has been used in PERF's Senior Management Institute for Police and other classes and trainings.



Under Fire: Gun Buy-Backs, Exchanges and Amnesty Programs 

Code: 805
Cost: $20
ISBN: 1-878734-47-4
Pages: 234

Frustrated by gun violence, communities nationwide have turned to gun buybacks, exchanges and amnesty programs to address gun-related crime. But are these programs effective? What outcomes should be measured to determine their success? How do they fit into the larger issue of violence prevention? Under Fire brings together the views of researchers, community organizers, police practitioners, and public health professionals to assess how gun buybacks, exchanges and amnesty programs are promoted, implemented, evaluated, and perceived.


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