How the ICAT Training Guide Was Created


This Training Guide is the next step in PERF’s work on use-of-force reforms. Following the publication of Guiding Principles on Use of Force in March 2016, PERF assembled a Working Group of more than 60 professionals representing law enforcement agencies and other organizations from across the country . The Working Group met in New York City on April 11–15, 2016 to discuss the key concepts, review an early draft of this Training Guide, and work on scenarios for the scenario-based training described herein.

PERF then completed a draft of this Training Guide, which was reviewed by a panel of 10 policing experts from across the country. The draft was updated and refined.

Finally, PERF obtained the assistance of police agencies in six jurisdictions for “pilot-testing” of the training. The pilot sites were:

  • Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department
  • Burlington, VT Police Department
  • Camden County, NJ Police Department
  • Daytona Beach, FL Police Department
  • Houston Police Department
  • Prince William County, VA Police Department

These training sessions, based on the key elements of this Training Guide, were conducted in August and September 2016. PERF obtained quantitative and qualitative feedback about the training from police officers and instructors in these six departments, and that feedback is reflected in the materials on this site.


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