March 18, 2020


Welcome to the second PERF Daily COVID-19 Report. Here are some of the updates we’ve received.

Adjusting work schedules to ensure continuity of operations

In Tempe, Arizona, Chief Sylvia Moir has instituted a 50/50 work plan for certain specialized units, like the Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Threat Mitigation units. The 50/50 work plan ensures that specialized personnel are not all working with each other, reducing the probability that all will be exposed to the virus at once. The department is also holding command staff meetings over the phone and putting assistant chiefs on a 50/50 work plan to avoid exposing the entire senior leadership team to the virus at the same time.

Chief Moir is encouraging employees to meditate to alleviate stress, and she is staying upbeat in her internal messaging:

“If you are like me, you have already exercised outside only with your dog, avoided hoarding anything because you are reasonable and prepared, and started cleaning out your cabinets and closets. My guess is that Goodwill donations will increase commensurate with the percentage of the population doing intermittent self-quarantine or mandatory quarantine!”

Sending video messages to update the department

Miami Chief Jorge Colina shared a three-minute video message he sent to all employees to update them on new procedures and explain the department’s response to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Click here to view Chief Colina’s message.

Suspending or altering roll calls

Many agencies are suspending or altering their roll calls to avoid convening large groups of officers. The Green Bay, Wisconsin Police Department has suspended their roll calls entirely and instructed officers to go directly to their squad cars. And the Chandler, Arizona Police Department, Gloucester Township, New Jersey Police Department, and DeKalb County, Georgia Police Department are conducting outdoor roll calls, and DeKalb County may move to email roll calls.

Reassigning officers stationed at schools and courthouses

With many schools and courthouses closed, officers who worked at those buildings can be reassigned to other roles. The Naperville, Illinois Police Department has assigned SROs to assist with phone or online reporting, and the Charleston County, South Carolina Sheriff’s Office has both its courthouse officers and SROs helping out with phone reporting.

Upcoming PERF/National Police Foundation/Major Cities Chiefs Association online briefing about COVID-19

PERF, the National Police Foundation, and the Major Cities Chiefs Association are collaborating on a briefing about the police response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The briefing will take place tomorrow, March 19th, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Eastern time

At this briefing, we will hear from two CDC officials who can answer your questions about medical issues and the COVID-19 threat. And we’ll have police executives from two jurisdictions that have been among the hardest hit so far by the coronavirus: Chief Cherie Harris of Kirkand, WA and Deputy Commissioner Robert Gazzola of New Rochelle, NY.

If you have questions for any of our speakers or topics you would like them to address, please let us know today by responding to this email. We will share that information with speakers before the briefing.

Advance registration is required for this briefing. To register, click here.

Question of the Day

Finally, here’s the new “Question of the Day,” as suggested by retired Oakland Deputy Chief Oliver Cunningham: What measures are agencies taking to address employee physical wellness? Increased staffing for the medical office, as is being done in Chicago? Added check-ins? On-site COVID-19 testing?

Feel free to send us an email about this topic or anything else related to your COVID-19 response. We’ll publish some of the responses we receive tomorrow.

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