Rob Davis

Rob Davis has directed more than 35 projects on victimization, domestic violence, policing, crime prevention, immigration, courts, prosecution, and parole reentry for federal and state governments, and private foundations.  Mr. Davis has led projects with some of the nation’s leading law enforcement agencies.  While at the Vera Institute, he led a project for the New York Police Department that surveyed more than 5,000 citizens each month in order to develop measures of citizen satisfaction with police interactions that could be used to hold precinct commanders accountable for service to the public.  He worked with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police to evaluate the city’s response to a federal consent decree resulting from a Justice Department pattern and practice suit.  He worked with the Seattle Police Department to assess whether police were providing service without respect to race or ethnicity.  He worked with the Dallas Police Department to conceive and implement a $10M leadership training and research institute that partners the DPD with two local universities.  Prior to coming to PERF, he spent six years at the RAND Corporation where his work included a project to develop and test a standardized set of policing performance indicators and a project to identify factors that enhance the solvability of cold case homicides.  He is the author of two books on crime prevention, editor of six books on crime prevention and victimization, and author of more than 100 journal articles and book chapters.