Date of Exam:  October 7th, 2017
The Red Oak Police Department is seeking applicants for:
Application Deadline:
Applications will be accepted until September 29th, 2017, at 5:00 pm.  All forms are on our web site:
Please submit applications to: City of Red Oak Municipal Center, Attn:  HR Dept., 200 Lakeview Parkway, Red Oak, TX, 75154.
Applications must be returned, postmarked or electronically submitted by Friday, September 29th, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. 
The date of the entrance examination is October 7th, 2017.
Starting pay:
Starting pay for a Police Officer is $50,000.00 annually upon completion of the Police Academy unless the applicant qualifies for lateral entry.

Lateral entry program up to $56,243.00 DOQ:
Applicants that are TCOLE certified and have previous experience may qualify for the lateral entry program.  These applicants starting salary
will be determined by the applicants previous certified full time law enforcement experience up to a maximum starting salary of Step 4 on the
Red Oak Police Department pay scale.  These applicants shall not have a break in service from a comparable sized city/agency or larger and
shall have two or more consecutive full time years of experience at said agency.  Qualifying applicants can refer to the below chart:
Completed years in service without a break Moves to Step
2 Years Step 1
3-4 Years Step 2
5-6 Years Step 3
7 + Years  Step 4

Lateral Entry Signing Bonus:
Applicants that qualify for the lateral entry program can receive a signing bonus.  Applicants that are hired at steps 1 or 2 of the Red Oak Police
Department pay scale are eligible to receive a $2500 signing bonus upon successful completion of the FTO program.  Applicants that are hired
at steps 3 or 4 of the Red Oak Police Department pay scale are eligible to receive a $4000 signing bonus upon successful completion of the FTO

Duties & Responsibilities:
Officers will be required to fulfill all duties of a Police Officer including making arrests, running, climbing, sitting and standing for long hours and
writing legible and articulate reports. Applicants will also be required to have excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with the
public in a positive manner.
The proposed pay scale listed below is subject to City Council approval.  Based on previous meetings, approval is
anticipated in September with an effective date of October 1, 2017.
ACADEMY RECRUIT  $45,000-Yearly Recruit pay until the recruit graduates from the regional police academy and passes the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Examination.
OFFICER  $50,000-Yearly   $52,000-Yearly  $54,080-Yearly    $56,243-Yearly  $58,493-Yearly    $60,833-Yearly
   STEP 1  STEP 2  STEP 3  STEP 4  STEP 5  STEP 6
  $69,680-Yearly   $72,467-Yearly   $75,366-Yearly     
   STEP 1  STEP 2  STEP 3  STEP 4    
 LIEUTENANT   $81,685-Yearly   $84,953-Yearly  


Incentive Pay:

TCOLE Certification/College/Assignment 

Intermediate Peace Officer Certification 

Advanced Peace Officer Certification 
Master Peace Officer Certification 
Associate's Degree 
Bachelor's Degree
Field Training Officer (FTO)Degree
Criminal Investigations
$ 300
$ 600
$ 1,200
$ 600
$ 1200
$ 1500
 $ 1500


 $ 11.54
 $ 23.08

 $ 46.15

 $ 23.08

 $ 46.15

 $ 46.15

 $ 57.69

 $ 57.69

Training and Equipment:
• Paid Police Academy ($1,300)
• Department provided equipment (All leather gear, firearm, taser, baton, OC spray, flashlight, ammunition, ballistic vest, handcuffs, radio, uniforms, etc.)
• Paid for all training mandated by the department.
• Recruit salary is 10% less than starting pay while attending the police academy.

Benefits: Health / Life /Vision / Dental / Retirement:
• Two health plan options with Employee Assistance Program
• Vision Plan
• Dental Plan
• Medical & Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account(s)
• City Paid Basic Life, Long-Term Disability & Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
• Voluntary Supplemental Life & Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance for Employees & Dependents
• Retirement: TMRS 2:1 Match (6%)
• Voluntary investment options

Paid Leave:


 Vacation Leave Accrual

Sick Leave Accrual

Paid Holidays

Hire Date to 4

13 Days 

 10 Hours per month

Twelve paid holidays per year

Years 5 to 9 Years

15 Days 


Twelve paid holidays per year

10 Years & Over

21 Days


Twelve paid holidays per year

Minimum Qualifications:
1. Must be a U.S. citizen, at least 20 years of age
2. Must hold a Basic Peace Officer’s License issued by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)
Must meet all legal requirements necessary to become eligible for future licensing by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). 
[Preference will be given to applicants that are currently certified through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. 
3. High School Diploma or G.E.D. Certificate
4. DD214 for U.S. military service
5. Visual acuity in both eyes, correctable to at least 20/20 binocular vision
6. Valid driver license with acceptable driving record
7. Computer literate
8. Must meet all physical requirements
Immediate Disqualifiers:
1. Must NEVER have been convicted of, nor placed on deferred adjudication for:
a. any Felony or Class A misdemeanor
b. a Class B misdemeanor within the last 10 years, and no admission of the commission of a Class B misdemeanor within the last 5 years
2. Four or more Class C misdemeanors in the last 10 years and none within the last 12 months
3. NO more than three (3) convictions of hazardous traffic violations in the last twenty-four (24) months. 
(Does not include "Deferred Adjudication" or "Driver’s Safety Course.")
4. Suspended driver's license at time of application
5. Domestic violence conviction
6. Must not be prohibited by law from possessing firearms or ammunition
7. Drug History involving:
a. Use of Marijuana two (2) years or less from application date, or
b. Use of any other illegal substance ten (10) years or less from application date
c. Use of any hallucinogenic drug
d. Sale or distribution of any illegal substances, or
e. Extensive use of any drug that amounts to more than minimal experimentation

Possible Disqualifiers:
The following is a list of behaviors/histories that may also disqualify an applicant, but the final
decision will be made by the Chief or his designee:
1. Poor credit history
2. Lesser degree misdemeanor conviction
3. Poor driving record
4. Arrest history
5. Previous warrants
6. Any behavior which demonstrates a lack of high moral character
Step 1 Written Examination:
The Law Enforcement Validated Entry Level (L.E.V.E.L.) Test was developed in Texas for use in selecting candidates for
Texas Peace Officer positions, and has been validated using a content validation strategy under the guidelines set forth
by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the America Psychological Association.  The test is designed to
measure candidates job-related skills based on a state-wide analysis of data from Texas Peace Officers in large, medium
and small enforcement agencies representing Municipal, County, University, College and Airport Police.
Police Applicant Preparation Guides may be obtained from Bannon and Associates for a nominal fee of $10.50 each for
electronic (email version) or mailed to a specified location of your choice for $13.00.
Bannon & Associates
11402 Hornsby
Austin, TX  78753     OR  Email:
PHONE:  512.873.7931 or 512.873.7974 (FAX)
214.228.5782 or 214.889.9933 (FAX)
PLEASE NOTE:  Prep guides ordered by email may take up to 24 hours (or 48 hours if ordered on weekends or holidays)
to arrive in your inbox.  Don’t wait until the last minute to order your guide!

Written Exam Location:
Red Oak Municipal Center
200 Lakeview Parkway
Red Oak, TX  75154
Date:      October 7th, 2017
Registration Time:   0800-0825 hours (must present identification matching applicant submittal)
Testing Time:   0830 hours sharp start time - doors will be locked
Testing Dress Attire:  Business casual dress and athletic attire for job-task simulation assessment test after
a passing score on the written examination. Candidates who do not pass the written examination will not proceed
to the job-task simulation assessment test.

Step 2 Job-Task Simulation Assessment:
The Red Oak Police Department recognizes the importance of physical fitness and its relationship to job performance.
The Job-Task Simulation Assessment Test is given to all candidates who pass the written entrance exam, to ensure
that each candidate can perform the rigorous duties and obligations that police officers are called upon to perform. 
The series of tests in the Job-Task Simulation Assessment are the same for men and women and cannot be modified
or changed.  Applicants will be required to wear a twelve pound (12 lb.) weighted vest when performing the job-task
simulation assessment to simulate the weight of a police officer’s equipment.
Note:  There is no re-test day for assessment; one re-start is permitted; participants must complete each of the tasks
to receive an overall score.

Pursuit and Subdue
1. Open the car door and exit the vehicle on a whistle
2. Run 95 yards
3. Weave through 8 traffic cones placed 20 feet apart
4. Run 105 yards
5. Climbs or vaults a 5 foot solid face wooden wall
6. Run 105 yards
7. Jump a 4 foot horizontal ditch
8. Run 55 yards and crawl under two (2), 2 foot high traffic barricades placed 3 feet apart, then run 55 yards
9. Roll 160 pound dummy into a prone position and crosses hands behind their back to simulate hand cuffing which is the finish position
10. Grab a 165 pound dummy
11. Drag dummy 35 feet to the finish position
Step 3 Issuance & Completion of Personal History Statement:
A completed Personal History Statement is used as a basis for a background investigation that will determine your eligibility for the position
for which you are applying.  It is essential that all information be complete and accurate.  An accurate and complete Personal History Statement will
expedite your background investigation; deliberate omissions or falsifications will result in disqualification.
Step 4 Personal History Statement Review:
After the personal history statement has been submitted, a review of the packet and documents along with a preliminary interview will be conducted. 
This interview and review is utilized to ascertain whether any immediate disqualifiers exist that would prevent the applicant from continuing in the hiring process.
Step 5 Oral Review Board
After a successful personal history statement review and preliminary interview, the applicant will be scheduled for an oral review board. 
An oral review board is comprised of three to five members that are comprised of various personnel from a myriad of divisions.
The oral review board is used to test an applicant’s verbal skills and get an idea of the applicant’s overall reasoning abilities and common sense.

Step 6 Background Investigation
The background investigation will verify information that the applicant provided on the personal history statement as well as attempting
to locate omitted or contradictory information.  Multiple State and Federal databases will be searched to locate any criminal history
records, driving records, military records and even law enforcement contacts that could affect the applicants suitability for employment.   
Step 7 Psychological Evaluation
Psychological exams are comprised of a pre-test self-interview or evaluation along with a series of multiple-choice tests or surveys.
The psychologist will also conduct a sit-down interview with the applicant and rate their suitability for employment. 

Step 8 Polygraph Examination
The polygraph is a diagnostic instrument that records physiological changes in a person caused by stress, like answering questions
that could affect an applicant’s suitability for employment.  The polygraph relies upon measuring the body's involuntary responses
which occur when the subject is consciously being deceptive or untruthful.
Step 9 Medical Examination
Applicants being considered for employment will be scheduled for a medical examination. The medical examination will be conducted
by a physician designated by the City of Red Oak and will determine whether the applicant meets the medical standards required to
be a Red Oak Police Officer.

Step 10 Drug Testing
Applicants desiring to be a Police officer will have immense responsibility and will undergo drug testing to confirm their
suitability for employment.

Step 11 Follow Up Investigation
Any items that were discovered or revealed since the background investigation was completed that require
additional investigation.

The City of Red Oak is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
require the City of Red Oak to hire only U.S. Citizens and lawfully authorized alien workers.  Employability
verification will be required of prospective employees.